Unbagging the Cats 1

Unbagging the Cats 1

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Do Not Forsake Me O My Electricity...

POWER OUTAGE! saving battery power

6:35 p.m. UPDATE
We have had about 10 minites of electricticy today. Ameran Trucks have heen driving by on our gravel road, parking at the end of our drivewya, workmen standing in the road talking to women i AMMUVE wlife out here so that I have to drive thourhg my dying frass to get on the road to go to town to B UY food becuaese HELLO i can't cook and whould not open the fridge because that lets heat in to start spoilage. I wouldn't wish six hours of p[owerlesslness on my worst enemy, or even grammar scoofflaws. Becaue, you see, it forsces me to ype on my upstairs laptop iwth battery power, not my beloved desktop, New Delly, in my dar, formerly cool, basement lair. And Shiba, the laptop, and I are not quite sympatico on the placement of the keys, after using that fraek of a keyboard that Genius hooked up to my New Delly.

Soory the you all must suffer through this. It's knndof like the letters i got from My mom in college, when she decided to type them. Who knew? She never had a lesson. But mine is sheer laziness in going back to correct my mistakes. Sometimes I hit th right keys and get on a roll. Sometimes ont. You should try it somjetime, stiiing on an end table in your fronnt gpictiruyre window. sun blazing through th e blingds, blinding you, sweating at 83 degrees and counint, hoping his most recent connection will hold out and not disappear in a whoof of dust. I'm afraid to fire up New Delly, as other bsemtn comptuers heva bene friend by these off againh on agaonin outages, even thoug ;ullgged into an expensidve surge strip.

My apologies. I have been stopping to drip water on my extremities so they willevaporate with th eceiling fan that is running courtesy of Hick's arrival home and firing up of the generator that is not poerwerful enough to run the AC. But we can have a light, the fridge, and TV, and a couple of computers.

We'll see what develops as the night wears on. This is the proce we pay for living in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of other nobodies. We're not exactly a top proiority when 47 homjes are out. Even though my brother in loaw the former mayolr works fo r Ameren. Fat lot of good that does me!

Ciao for now.


Chickadee said...

Nooooo. It's fricking hot! It's oven hot, Death Valley hot. Hope you kept cool in the poolio.

Sioux said...

Come to St. Louis to the Galleria Mall. Rev. Larry Rice was supposed to take a busload full of homeless people there today so they could "apply for jobs" and suck up the ac. If you wear an old pair of Crocs and some teacher "weekend" clothes (aka braless, baggy T shirt and sweat pants) you would fit right in. AND you'd be cool.

Stephen Hayes said...

Thanks for helping me to not take my electricity for granted. I hope your ordeal is over soon.

knancy said...

Finally, Sioux, I am mentally with you. Not on the bus but in the braless, baggy T shirt and sweat pants.

Val said...

With the outside temp 107, I opted for the inside temp of 83. Hick got a ceiling fan going, so I splashed a little water on my face and arms for evaporation purposes.

I saw that on the news after Hick fired up the generator. I was already dressed for it, but didn't want to steal the thunder from Larry's people.

You're welcome. And thank you. Ameren Missouri came through after 6.5 hours. Just before I cracked. Or melted.

If Sioux is wearing her writing T-shirt, it's a sign that she wants you to approach and ask about it. Act really crazy. She likes that. And I think you forgot your Crocs to complete your ensemble.