Unbagging the Cats 1

Unbagging the Cats 1

Friday, April 27, 2012

No Pitter Patter of Little Cat Feet

The Pony and I saw a bumper sticker this afternoon that elicited opposing responses.

We had traveled to a nearby town for the purpose of bill-paying. Now don't go thinking that Val drives a Clampett truck filled with chicken cages in order to do her bartering. Nor does she dig up that sock filled with gold doubloons from the back yard every time she needs to settle a debt. The fact is that a payment by mail to this savings-and-loan does not garner a return receipt. And Val is all about her receipts with itemization.

This town is a bit more tony than Backroads. Ritzier houses. Boutiques. Storefronts that do not include Tubbie's Thrift Shop and Jose's Second-Hand Store. Touristy places. A populace that is a bit more snooty than cooty.

There it was. Right in front of us at a stoplight.

Cats Not Kids.

"Well," I said. "Nothing like alienating eighty percent of the population. What kind of statement is that? If you drop dead, at least kids won't eat your face off before you are found."

The Pony ruminated on that concept for a moment. "But cats don't grow up and leave you. They don't have hands to turn the doorknobs."

For now, we agree to disagree.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

Apparently some cats have grown up and left their previous homes and come here to live in the kampground ....... And I had a one time only return policy for grown children; the last one violated that too many times to count.
I use to say that I should have just raised tomatoes .... you just throw the rotten ones out.

Stephen Hayes said...

Was that bumper sticker on the back of an old bus with fur flying everywhere?

Linda O'Connell said...

You both make a valid point. You could post your own hand painted retort. Give that some thought.

Tammy said...

They may not eat your face off, but sounds like some of those snappy-retort-genes are coming back to bite you just a tad. And hooray for that. ;)

Leenie said...

This might not be all about company in the home. It could be about a lot of things---labor issues, pest control, gardening????

Val said...

I'll put you down for a tally in The Pony's column. Hopefully, your face will remain intact.

Actually, it was a small, boxy, foreign car. Surprise.

A fence-sitter, eh? And expecting me to be as crafty as you!

Well, I DO want The Pony to be able to evaluate both sides of an issue, and make his own decisions. But I fear this one will upset a lot of cats. Our five do not much care for him.

Perhaps. I'll choose a cat over a kid any day for rodent control.