Unbagging the Cats 1

Unbagging the Cats 1

Saturday, April 28, 2012

If Hick Was a Turkey, He'd Have Drowned By Now

Hick and Genius had tickets to the Blues game tonight.

Of course, the minute they left, weather watches started popping up left and right. They beat most of them to the Scottrade Center. A couple hours later, my mom called to say that TV meteorologists advised people with friends at the Blues game to call and tell them to take cover. So I did. You can't be too careful when a thunderstorm with rotation is headed your way.

My land line malfunctioned. Three times, I dialed the number. And three times, a recording came on telling me that (xxx) xxx-xxxx was not a working number. Are you kidding me? I punched in the right numbers. But the phone switched a 32 to a 98. How does that happen? It's the only two numbers that were affected. So I grabbed my OLDER telephone, which worked just fine.

Genius took the call at around 6:20. The game was supposed to start at 6:30. The tip-off, or kick-off, or slug-off, or...maybe it's the face-off. I'm not a follower of hockey. But I know it's violent, and there's a chance of some dude getting his face ripped off. Though not as gruesomely as a cat snacking on the face of a corpse. Heavens to Betsy! Where did THAT come from. I'm still mired in yesterday's post, fresh in my mind from answering comments just now.

I had to repeat the advice to Genius, due to the rowdy crowd background noise. I had called him on the way to report the tent incident and injuries after the Cardinals game. I'm hoping he took this warning seriously. That he didn't just roll his eyes and use his free hand to indicate "Mom is crazy" to Hick. For all I know, instead of taking cover in a restroom, the two of them went outside to look at the sky.

You can take Hick out of the country...but he still keeps returning to the country.


Leenie said...

Being from Idaho and never seen much cloud rotation I'd be sorely tempted to run out in the open and gawk.

But I've also never been to a hockey game or spent much time in a men's room so they would be my second and third choices.

Unless there was a cat nearby snacking on the face of a corpse.

Sioux said...

We had dinner at a city restaurant tonight, and had to pull over under shelter--the hailstones were so big.

However, with the storm earlier today, there was my husband--in a chair on the carport, watching the storm.

Perhaps we should get Michael and Hick together...What kind of "city fun" would Hick like to have, and what kind of fun time would Hick show to my hubby?

Stephen Hayes said...

That phone mix up must of had you terrified for awhile. Hope everything turns out okay.

Val said...

Dang! What a sheltered life you've led! It seems as if bathing a cat in a sink is the extent of your walk on the wild side. Or IS it...

Hick used to work in the city. According to him, "fun" included arriving at work to see that the copper guttering had been removed from the building overnight (who knew that razor wire is not an actual deterrent?) and watching prostitutes service employees in the parking lot on their lunch break. The employees' lunch break, of course. I don't think prostitutes have to punch a time clock.

As for treats in store for Michael in the country...Hick once brought home a Chinese man and taught him how to ride a 4-wheeler and shoot a Beretta 9mm handgun. Then there was the German guy, Helmut, who was taken on a tour of the world's largest underwater lake. And the Colombian, Felipe, who was sold our 1982 Toyota Corolla.

I hope Michael can stand such excitement.

I was jabbing that phone like there was no tomorrow. Then I tossed it aside and grabbed the old one.

Hick and Genius survived to worry me another day.

Leenie said...

Does driving down a mountain through a blizzard with zero visibility and zero temp on roads very much LIKE a hockey rink count as walking on the wild side?

Kathy's Klothesline said...

That was quite a storm. He who rescues travelers was out in the midst of it all. I was hunkered down with my dogs and sewing machine and hoping he didn't get injured.

Val said...

Technically, that counts as DRIVING on the wild side. But I'll give you credit for it.

It was weather fit for neither He Who nor beast.