Unbagging the Cats 1

Unbagging the Cats 1

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I Ain't Exactly Grandpa Jones

Do you ever wish you lived in a simpler time? Out of the rat race, rockin' on your front porch with a hound at your feet, whittling a child's toy while puffing on your corn cob pipe? Me neither.

But sometimes, I wish I was part of Hee Haw. So somebody could holler, "Hey, Val! What's for supper?" And tonight, I would answer:

"Kretschmar ham, Yukon Rose potatoes, baby carrots, sweet onions, Pillsbury Flaky Layers Butter-Tastin' Biscuits, and fresh strawberries."


Sioux said...

Sounds like some good vittles. If you ever honor us city folks with a visit, we'd feed you some St. Louis delicacies: Pi pizza (with the Obama stamp of approval), Ted Drewes, and some of Sioux's world-famous fudge.

We'd have a royal reception for the 89th place winner in the memoir division. How about it?

knancy said...

And the foodie blogging begins to go along with the farm blogging....
You're just going to have to add pictures.

Stephen Hayes said...

I can be there in ten minutes! Sounds yummy.

Leenie said...

YeeeeUm YUM!

Linda O'Connell said...

Down right home cooking. Was I in your neck of the woods yesterday, near Bloomfield?

Val said...

I don't know...the country mouse might not fit in with the city mice. Should I bring my own spittoon? That's something I'll have to ruminate on.

Or maybe you can fly that pizza guy down to Backroads to make it for me special. We have General Custard's Last ReTreat for the frozen novelties. But no comparable equivalent of a fudge-maker.

My official Backroads photographer takes pictures too chock full of picturey goodness to post on this blog. It takes five hours for my gmail account to receive them. And thirty minutes for each to load on Blogger.

I've been warming a plate in the oven for you since last night.

Oops! Sounds like you got ahold of Stephen's plate.

You overshot Backroads by approximately 97.4 miles. Probably passed right through it on the highway. Unless you came down 55.