Unbagging the Cats 1

Unbagging the Cats 1

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nine Backroads Pleasures Denied to City Dwellers

Here are some things we can do here in Backroads that some of you probably can't enjoy.

1 - Let chickens roam the grounds and lay eggs wherever the urge strikes them.

2 - Drive on the wrong side of the road to miss the Great Chasm which has formed in the gravel.

3 - Toss garbage off the back deck, where it will disappear in a matter of hours.

4 - Traipse around the front porch and make trips to the garage while wearing only tighty-whiteys.

5 - Say, "The heck with the tighty-whiteys!" and soak in the hot tub buck naked. (not to be confused with George Costanza's alter ego)

6 - Watch the planets and stars appear at night, with no interference except the moon's light.

7 - Allow dogs to be dogs, and run free, to chase rabbits and squirrels, and stretch out so still in the grass to soak up the sun that great carrion-eating birds dive dangerously low to inspect them.

8 - Sit still on the porch and bask in the ambiance of nature's summer-evening symphony.

9 - Stop the car to wait for fifteen turkeys to cross in front of you.


Sioux said...

Hey, here in the big city, we have our pleasures too.

1. Dodge the teens---Veer and steer crazily, to avoid hitting gangs of late-night, roving teenagers who are all wearing dark clothes.

2. Sit in your familyroom and bask in the sounds of is-it-firecrackers-or-is-it-gunshots?

3. Set out a non-working piece of electronics or a broken lawn mower on trash day...watch it disappear in a matter of hours.

Don't you dare think you backroads folks have the monopoly on fun and simple pleasures.

Linda O'Connell said...

You make country living seem so relaxing. My daughter lives in a rural area but has to drive 80 miles a day to and from work. That's the part that I wouldn't like. The rest all sounds wonderful. Shoot I run out in my pink robe. People have even oinked at this pig. I meant HONKED.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Only nine? It is like that here at the kampground during the off season. Not the walking about in my foundation garments or skinny dipping part (afraid I might encounter a mirror). But during the season, I have my own little pleasures.......... counting the weekends receipts, emptying the coins out of the vending machines, watching people out of the windows which I have tinted to be reflective on the outside. I see them, but they don't see me.......

Tammy said...

Unfortunately, there are city folks who traipse around the front porch and make trips to the garage while wearing only tighty-whiteys. Which is why we all want to move to where you are.

Val said...

Oh, we KNOW it's gunshots. And those non-working appliances? People here bring them to us, set them out on our gravel road, like we're some kind of recyclers or Goodwill store.

Okay, the commute is a drawback. Mine is 15 miles, 30 minutes of town driving. Hick has 30 miles, 25 minutes of highway driving. That bathrobe story frightens me. You're lucky someone of my visual acuity didn't try to scoop you up for future sausages. Judging from the COLOR, of course!

Well, I didn't want to lord it over the less fortunate TOO much. That window set-up sounds ideal. Like your own private People of Walmart kind of situation.

Or their pink robes, apparently. Linda may just be a source of urban flight.

Josh Hoyt said...

I love looking at the stars and relaxing on the front porch.

Val said...

I don't mean to get too personal...but hopefully not in your tighty-whities. Or OUT of them, either. Business casual, I'm hoping.

Josh Hoyt said...

Always business casual ;)