Unbagging the Cats 1

Unbagging the Cats 1

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The First Annual Val Thevictorian Blogoversary/Birthday Party

Welcome, welcome! My blogoversary/birthday party is in full swing! Come right in. Too bad the weather has taken a winterly turn. I had planned for us to set a spell on the porch, perhaps whittle a corncob pipe as a craft activity, and then roam about the grounds.

Looks like you're just in the nick of time for some virtual Oreo cake. Oh, I didn't bake it on my birthday. This is one made for The Pony last year. I did mention that this is a virtual party, right? So the calories don't count!

Here's where we could have been a-whittlin'. It's a bit frosty out there now. The wind chill is 4 degrees.

To stay warm and cozy, we will head over to Hick's BARn. No, that's not a typo. Hick built a barn, but turned the top floor into a bar. He's crafty like that. Plus, I sometimes suspect that he likes to escape the underside of my thumb. Belly up, folks. I'm sure Hick has a frosty brew, or a shot of Southern Comfort, or some leftover Ouzo from years ago when a friend went on a cruise to Greece. I regret to inform you, however, that the moonshine is long gone. And we won't be gettin' any more anytime soon, because Popcorn is dead. You'll only get that reference if you watch that show, Moonshiners.

In case you're a Jeff Foxworthy aficionado, that is, indeed, our working TV sitting on top of our nonworking TV. Nobody's complainin'. It's a BARn, for cryin' out loud! In case you're a teetotaler, you can rest your haunches in the Coca Cola booth. Hick is somewhat of a memorabilia collector.

Careful of the splinters. Hick did all this woodworking himself. And he's got even more shelves of stuff. So the beer buckets don't exactly go with the Coke motif...makes no nevermind to Hick. I may or may not have started the bucket collection with one or two Strassenfest buckets from my errant youth.


After a few rousing games of checkers, and possible consumption of adult beverages, we will head down to the creek to enjoy the solace of nature and Hick's designs. The newest additions to his shackytown are currently off limits. But the old standbys are fair game. Oh, and in case any of you need to use the facilities...

You're fresh out of luck. Because the wind blew the facilities over last spring. So looks like you'll have to hold it. Unless I can be persuaded to let you into the basement to utilize the NASCAR bathroom.

That countertop was custom painted by my cousin's wife. She's quite the airbrush artist. You probably can't see the detail, but the cabinet handles are Hot Wheels cars. Yes. We're shameless, card-carrying, redneck hillbillies. But on to the creek. Hop into the Scout, our first little about-the-grounds ride, before Hick graduated to a Mule.

Hang on tight! Because it's a steep, unpaved road down to the creek. First, we'll stop by the original A-frame, built by Hick before even the BARn or the house, as a place for him and the older boys to camp out on the land when we lived in town, in my $17,000 house. But that's a story for another time.

Look out for the wasp nest up under the overhang, there by that plexiglass window in the loft. We don't have epipens on the premises. Stand clear if you are prone to anaphylaxis. Next, we move on to the more modern log cabin. It's chock full of countrified things. Hick has since built an addition, a bedroom. I can see him living here one day. Perhaps sooner than he thinks.

You're lucky I left out the picture with Hick standing on the porch holding the six-foot snakeskin that he found inside. No need to set off a panic attack so far from civilization. Y'all might not come back. We will now retire to the BARn, level one, to have a dance contest. Don't worry about those pigs. They've been returned to their rightful owner.

Hick was all set to make sausage out of them one Sunday when he found them roaming the south ten. He and The Pony captured them and imprisoned them in the BARn. Hick just assumed they were wild boars, free for the taking. But again...that's another story.

All right, let's get this party started with a dance contest. Sioux, I think I see your hand up to go first. Everybody else, get your cameras ready.

I'd like to thank you all for my virtual gifts and snacks. I'm sure a great time will be had by all. But if you'll excuse me, I have a date with a trivia contest. Val is a vital link to success for her long-time team. Somebody put the dip in the BARn fridge when you're done, and be sure to lock up.

I'll catch you tomorrow.


Stephen Hayes said...

There won't be any dip left and we ain't leavin' so there won't be any lockin' up to do.

Sioux said...

I brought some veggies and dip, but I don't see a shower anywhere. (I need to freshen up, after the long drive and to conserve on water, I'll clean the vegetables at the same time. Does your shower head have high water pressure, or will I have to buy another one from the friendly vendor working out of his car trunk?)

My word verification is "blogenja." That must have been prearranged by you. So, your blogoversary is going to have blogenjas for entertainment? What fun!

Josh Hoyt said...

Wow those are some really cool pictures. I'm so excited that I made it. Happy blogaversary!!! I probably spelt that wrong.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

The cake was yummy and I see that my hot dish has been licked clean. Juno? Since I have been banned from dancing, shall I sing one of my old favorites? "I'm Feeling Sort Of Mental". Hum along, I know you know this one!

Tammy said...

Enjoyed the party, and a fun time was had by me! You may not currently have epipens, but I suspect if I wait around long enough, an Epipen wing will be added. Or an epi-penninsula. Love the memorabilia!

Val said...

Of course. I should have known that my lax enforcement of double-dipping rules would cause a rapid dip depletion. I imagine you'll all be good and ready to make your get-away the first time Hick steps out onto the porch in his tighty-whiteys.

Sorry. You're a day late and a shower short. Tammy already volunteered to bring the showered salad.

As for freshening up, you are in luck. We are in a good shower-head phase, the low-flow having been remedied by a good soaking in vinegar. Your bouffant will not be flat. No need to risk getting your head stuck in the sink while you attempt to rinse out the soap.

I hope you enjoyed the blogenjas, those wiry little blog ninjas I hired specifically for this occasion.

The picture quality is not what it could be, some of those photos having been taken by Hick, himself, on his battered phone. Glad you could make it. Y'all come back now, y'hear?

Your hot dish was licked clean by The Pony, who never met a corn dog he didn't like. You are welcome to sing. I'll up-end a milk crate for you. Careful. You don't have insurance. I'm mental every day, according to my personal children AND my work children.

Yes, I can see that wing in development. We are either marking time until the apocalypse, or waiting for those traveling junk dealer guys off that TV show to arrive and offer big bucks for some of Hick's treasures.

labbie1 said...

Strassenfest? Did I see Strassenfest? Um, if you saw the midway there, I may know who was arunnin' it. And I may or may not know where a fine collection of those buckets may or may not exist... ;-D

Can we have adult beverages in the coca cola booth? I kinda like to mix things up.

Oh and since I am a HUGE NASCAR FAN--can I be permitted to at least SEE it if not actually use the bathroom???? (and see some better pix of it????)

I like the A Frame. Quite clever.

I am not sure, but I think I saw a cabin just like yours in Silver Dollar City last fall. Cute!
Thanks ever so much for inviting me! :)

Val said...

Well, IF I was ever at the Strassenfest, it was a long time ago, when it was actually called the Strassenfest, and I don't recall a midway. I do recall a long, long line at the port-a-potties, and somebody in my crew getting the most scathingly brilliant idea of how to avoid waiting. And thanking my lucky stars that nobody got arrested for public urination.

Indeed, adult beverages are allowed in the Coca Cola booth. And afterwards, if you are sufficiently persuasive, it is possible that you could be issued a one-time pass to the NASCAR bathroom. The other pics are not as clear. I can't do justice to the countertop, which has several cars racing around the track.

The A-frame is now infested with squirrels. And big spiders, most likely.

A teaching colleague said the whole creekside community reminds her of Silver Dollar City. Hick has since added another outhouse, and a small barn. Giving that man lumber is like giving a mouse a cookie.

labbie1 said...

Thank goodness he rebuilt the outhouse! :)

Val said...

Yes. The second one is more sturdy, made from cast-off four-by-fours instead of particle board. However, it makes me claustrophobic.

labbie1 said...

I'd go for the NASCAR bath then! :)

BECKY said...

Uh oh, looks like I totally missed out on the party...and a few other blog posts. I just can't seem to keep up with you, Ms. Val! Happy Birthday, again!!

Val said...

Yes. What a relief.

Too bad you missed the dance contest!