Unbagging the Cats 1

Unbagging the Cats 1

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm Not Worthy. OK. If You Insist. Yes, I Am.

Well, looky there! I have raked in some awardy bling since yesterday. That's better than checking a trot line baited with rotting chicken gizzards and finding a 130-pound blue catfish!

Seriously! Thanks to my newest follower, Bailey, for bestowing this award on my little old blog. And thanks even more for NOT giving me a 130-pound catfish.

Here's the list of responsibilities that the 7 x 7 Link Award carries. Not quite so important as the care of a Mogwai, but then again, I'm no Randall Peltzer. I can handle it. You don't have to worry about gremlins chewing through your electrical wires. Not on my watch.

Here are the details: any recipients will provide seven links to the blog posts of their choice, according to the categories to follow, and then will choose three lucky blogs to receive the award.

My list of posts, carefully chosen, like a fine wine, but without the cork-sniffing, are below.

Most Beautiful
I picked The Butcher of Seville. Because what better platform to spread the word that beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Or the ninth-grade student.

Most Helpful
It takes a village to raise a teenage boy. That's why I am enlightening the global village with The Unwritten Culture Rules of Sixteen-Year-Old Males. Forewarned is forearmed, you know.

Most Popular
A lot of folks seemed to enjoy a voyeuristic journey into my bedroom. Not quite on par with Rochelle, Rochelle: A Young Girl's Strange, Erotic Journey from Milan to Minsk. But passable for a domestic, old lady's staycation. So I present: My Clandestine Dalliance.

Most Controversial
Are there shades of gray to morality? Or is it OK to stick it to The Man when opportunity presents itself? Will I impale myself on the horns of my dilemma? Check out Val Sticks it to Big Business.

Most Successful
I take this category to apply to my personal successes concerning this little writing blog. Because it IS all about me. And I love to toot my own horn, and share an occasional contest entry.

Most Underrated
Maybe people were afraid to comment on my Somewhat Inappropriate Example post. But I stand by it. I never claimed to be an Anna Nicole Smith. But I HAVE been termed outrageous.

Most Prideworthy
Like children in a family, or students in a classroom, I can not declare myself more proud of one post at the expense of others. I'm proud of ALL of my posts equally. But I kind of have a soft spot for this one. Perhaps in my head, when I wrote it. C'mon. Who can resist a headline like Dog-Eating Pony Thrives Despite Unusual Diet?

I would like to share my good fortune with:

Josh Hoyt, from The Blog That Helps You Diagnose Your Characters
Josh hooked me up with the Pay It Forward Blogfest that garnered Miss Bailey as a follower. So I must thank him first in my acceptance speech for this 7 x 7 Link Award.

labbie1, a faithful commenter from The Adventures of Garrett Squared, who is somewhat famous for having a tornado-blown canoe stab through the side of her home.

Sioux, a teacher/writer who really gets me, who one time so selflessly offered to accept a book I had won in a contest. In order to keep her from accepting this award for me, I am giving it to her, too. See? It's kind of like reverse psychology. If I GIVE it to her, she won't want MINE. Oh, yeah. Here is Sioux's Page.

So there it is, in all its glory, my 7 x 7 Link Award. I really need to build a storage area for my awards. Because all this horn self-tooting is making me short of breath.


Sioux said...

Val--Thanks for the award. I will have to "accept" it later this week. (My critique group is meeting tonight, and I have nothing to share...)

Val Thevictorian said...

There is no expiration date on this award. It's not like the bread in my cabinet that languishes until only the teenager will eat it, and then when even he rejects it, is tossed off the porch to the chickens.

Bailey Hammond said...

Haha, kitty eyeballs...I just spent almost 40 minutes reading your posts when I could have written an article. Thanks! I'm so glad I gave you this award.

Val Thevictorian said...

I'm known for my ability to suck the life right out of people. One of my students called me a "funsucker." Because apparently, I am the Black Hole of Good Times.

My apologies for your unborn article. But let's face it...it's not every day that you run across a kitten eyeball farm.

danneromero said...

Aaawwwww.... We are new kitty owners.. Love the pic.

Val Thevictorian said...

That's a stock photo, selected specifically for its cuteness quotient. I have five (outside) cats, but they have grown past the point of cuteness now. We picked out two as kittens from a friend with two litters, but the others we adopted when an evildoer dumped them at our mailbox row.