Unbagging the Cats 1

Unbagging the Cats 1

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Are Ya Thirsty for More?

Because of the enormous outcry for more details concerning my recent submission to Unsent Letters, I present to you...

Letters Which Still Remain Unsent:

Dear Unqualified People Shipping

Dear Territorial Town Librarian

Dear Just Born Candy Company, in Regard to Your PEEPS

Dear Mrs. Wendly Kate

Dear Doorstop Thief

Dear Substitute Teacher

Dear Fellow Prospective Jurors

Dear Butcher of Seville

Dear Orange Coat Girl

Dear Lunch Companions

Dear Lady Who Called Me Pretty and Asked If I Was Married

Dear New Car Salesman

Dear Drivers Who Obtained Your License From a Box of Cracker Jacks

Perhaps I'm stuck in a writing rut. Perhaps I should include a chapter in my work-in-progress with my own unsent letters. Because the real deal will only publish two letters from the same author in each book. And they may not even want any of mine. An unsent letter is a terrible thing to waste. And each one feels SO GOOD to write. Sarcastic whining is like crack for Val. The more she does, the more she wants to do.

The above ideas were originally blog posts on my supersecret blog, with different titles. All they need is the letter treatment, and some fine-tuning. They could be offered to the Unsent Letters blog if the Unsent Powers deem my first effort worthy. There appears to be no limit on the number accepted for the blog.

If I was Sissy Spacek playing Loretta Lynn in Coal Miner's Daughter, Tommy Lee Jones as Doolittle Lynn might say to me, "You know, Loretta, we may have found something you know how to do."


knancy said...

And the something you know how to do is why I read you.

Linda O'Connell said...

I could so add to your list. And about McD, once I watched a dippy kid draw a face with his FINGER in the ketchup/mustard of my burger. Oh you should have heard me. Maybe you did.

labbie1 said...

Ditto knancy--oh and what supersecret blog? Am I missing it???? Where??? Do I need a decoder ring?

I am particularly interested in: Dear Lady Who Called Me Pretty and Asked If I Was Married

Oh MY! :)

Tammy said...

Hope you're going to let us read those sometime! I think you should send them, but sign the other recipient's names. Like, the Territorial Town Librarian could get a letter from Butcher of Seville, and Orange Coat Girl could get one from Doorstop Thief, and so on. It could work.

Val Thevictorian said...

Thank you. Now I need to buy a wheelbarrow to load up my ego.

Eww! I can't believe he gave you the FINGER! I bet he had just touched his braces with that finger, too.

Sadly, you already know the supersecret blog that chronicles life in my magic kingdom. Apparently, I am the only one who thinks it is "kicka$$". Seriously. Go to the sidebar of that backwoods blog, and visit the previous versions to get into the flow of my earlier days.

That Lady story is there somewhere. It was on a New Year's Day, when I went to buy black-eyed peas at the local Save-A-Lot.

What are you, a contestant on Big Brother? Trying to pit folks against each other? I think there was a Stephen King book where the townsfolk did something like that.

I might work some of them into the mix here in the unbagged cat arena.