Unbagging the Cats 1

Unbagging the Cats 1

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Writing Prompt: Ripped From the Conversations at Work, #1

I'm starting a new series. When I overhear some especially juicy or odd conversations at work, I will bring them home to you. No need to thank me. Just one more service I provide. Aside from letting everyone feel superior to me in the writing-skill department. Kind of like the fat friend who makes you appear more attractive by comparison.

Today's conversation happened first cat out of the bag this morning. It was between a woman and her cell phone.

"Be sure to call and tell me what color the baby is!"

There you go. See what kind of story you can write with that gem. I'm not so good at writing fiction. I would never invest in one of those writing prompt calendars. Nothing gives me inspiration. It's like my muse took a hefty dose of valium.

While I can't craft a good tale, I do have images that pop up in my sluggish brain. Who could possibly be on the other end of that cell phone?

*a promiscuous daughter?

*a midwife consulting with a doctor concerning a high-risk pregnancy?

*a spouse at the hospital checking on a jaundiced newborn?

*the client of a substandard fertility clinic?

*a nanny on a working vacation in the Bahamas?

I will update on Thursday evening with the actual context of the conversation. Just in case. Don't wanna to be killing any cats with curiosity.


knancy said...

Well, I have decided it is about a pending animal (goat, cat or dog) birth/adoption while really hoping it is something so outlandish I could never imagine! Not that a few on your list aren't already!

Val Thevictorian said...

This one is not outlandish. A teacher was talking to people on the horse farm where she works on weekends, about the impending birth of a foal.

The baby was neither a palomino like her mother, nor a roan like her father. She was a "beautiful little dun," as the caller put it. But with a Spanish accent. Because she's from Spain.