Unbagging the Cats 1

Unbagging the Cats 1

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Val, the Shifty, Shifty, Time-Shifter

Some parents in Backroads liked conferences a lot
But Val Thevictorian, sadly,
Did not.

Ol' Val needed me-time, for writin' and readin'
Not chattin', not waitin' for the fast-food feedin'.
She preferred to be sitting in her basement lair
In the glow of her monitor, nary a care.
A most scathingly brilliant idea took shape
In Val's odd steel-trap mind wound with silver duct tape.

"I know just what I'll do," Ol' Val chortled with glee.
"To keep up with my writing that's all about ME!
I can't do it at school with computer or pen.
Stealing time from my students? I'll not teach again!

All I need is to time-shift," Ol' Val said aloud.
"Since I can't be two places at once, and that crowd
Demands to see syllabi, and teachers, and rooms...
I will be there in person and mind, and not doomed
To while away hours, thinking what might have been.
I'll just type it up now, and I'll publish it then."

No promises made she of quality writin'.
Like casting a line when the fish are a-bitin',
Sometimes you can catch large-mouth, sometimes you'll catch perch.
Wasn't this better than being left in the lurch?


Sioux said...

Val--A poet at your core? Did you serve liquid "refreshments" to the parents, and you drank a little more than you should have?

Stephen Hayes said...

No teacher ever served me liquor. Your poem makes me miss Dr. Seuss. That man was a genius.

Linda O'Connell said...

Now that was a productive use of your time, Teach. I knew you could write prose, but poetry too.

Leenie said...

Writing of any kind makes a person appear so smart and studious. Once again Val is the victorian--as in victory, not as in turn of the century British history.

Val said...

I would never serve liquid refreshments to parents. Or any refreshments at all. Because that encourages them to hang around, even after our polite business interaction has achieved its purpose.

Of course I would not dare to consume such refreshments on the clock.

Nor shall I. And indeed, Dr. Suess was my inspiration.

My anapestic tetrameter is a bit rusty.

Thank you. I'm sure that's a compliment. Not merely a statement that by writing, I APPEAR smart and studious!

Josh Hoyt said...

Great poem!