Unbagging the Cats 1

Unbagging the Cats 1

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Reason #167

This morning as we walked to the garage, our rescued pup, Juno, galloped around the corner of the house and sat down on the porch to be petted. She usually waits by the kitchen door to launch her ambush, refusing to join the others on their morning rounds. She's about six months old now. Growing like a weed. I don't partake of our special lovefest in the morning, because I don't want to smell like dog all day. Besides, Juno likes to lick the fresh Bath and Body Works Vanilla Bean lotion from my arms and hands. That can't be good for her. And it's a waste of good lotion.

I reached down to give her a little pat before saying, "See you later, Alligator," our special parting words. The wavy, silky black hair of her neck was wet like her canine companions had tried to chew off her bright red collar. "Yuck! Later, Alligator." I followed The Pony through the garage door and into the car. "I think Juno has been play-fighting with the big dogs." We snapped our seatbelts.

"Your theory is lent credence by the fact that she came from the front yard."

Reason #167 that my son will be a subject of ridicule throughout his high school career. Not that he will notice.


Stephen Hayes said...

I miss my dod, but I don't miss that doggie smell.

knancy said...

Sounds Vulcan to me. Watch for pointed ears next.

Sioux said...

Why don't you just hot glue a "kick me" sign to his back to hasten the process...it might make it less painful.

Yes, kids can be so cruel, but surprisingly, they can also be accepting and tolerant of their peers who are different. You never know...

irishoma said...

A career in politics awaits.

Val said...

Sometimes she smells fresh, like sunbaked fur. Other times, she smells like a wet blanket. Slept on by a skunk. Who forgot his antiperspirant.

He's always had a weird accent. This might explain it.

No, that is what I threatened Genius with in kindergarten, when he insisted on wearing a tie and vest for school pictures.

The kids in The Pony's class accept him. It's the older ones I worry about. However, The Pony swings a mean trombone, so I don't think any physical harm will result. And he's pretty good at tuning out words. Genius, on the other hand, must exact revenge before he sleeps.

He's good with words, but avoids the spotlight. A speech writer, perhaps.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Lots of valuable info stored in his young head. He will do okay.

Toni Louise is subjected to a monthly bath along with her canine housemates. To her credit, she does not possess that nasty desire to roll in anything stinky ... Wall-E does that.

Val said...

I can understand the bathing thing. Your dogs are indoor family members. Mine loll about on the porch all the live-long day. I don't recall ever giving any of them a bath. They do enjoy a good romp in the creek during the summer.