Unbagging the Cats 1

Unbagging the Cats 1

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The One Without a Clever Title

I love making up titles. Sometimes I twist around a post just to get at the title angle.

When I look back at those first two sentences, they seem like something Darrell Hammond as Sean Connery on SNL Celebrity Jeopardy would mangle in a most inappropriate manner. But that's just a happy accident.

There's one title that keeps harping at my subconscious. A title that has no concrete theme. But then, most of my writing starts out like that anyway. It's like making soup. You toss everything in a pot, let it simmer, and fine-tune it before serving. Which probably makes you vow never to try my soup. Or throw up a little bit in your mouth.

Here's the title that keeps yanking at its leash, chomping at the bit, revving its engine, tearing around the house like a cat given a taste of Aunt Polly's medicine by Master Tom Sawyer:

The Battle for Bitchin' Stadium

There are no Iron Chefs in this proposed story. Only me. And Hick. And our battle of wills over such bones of contention as towering bowls of soup, almond vs. stainless steel sinks, the clandestine washing of ONE dish, the spraying of Stove Top Stuffing like so much blown-in insulation, and the benefits of auction meat.

It's still coming together in my head. Still a gossamer web of culinary conflict. But it won't let me rest.

And wouldn't you know it? I have title block.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

I usually do the title last. My thoughts are scattered and the title will only reveal itself at the end. Not always, but most of the time. Wonder what that says about me?

labbie1 said...

Trust me--I will not be throwing up even a little over you soup after the Beef Jerky Chocolate I saw today...I just HAD to take a picture! ;-)

PS--my verification word is snuff...

Sioux said...

I would love to watch the two of you battle over those momentus things.(And as a woman, I'd be rooting for you, Val. What would your banner look like? How about a T-shirt or hoodie with a particular logo, that your fans could wear?)

Stephen Hayes said...

I can't write anything unless I know the title first. I might alter it when I'm finished, but I need something to start with.

Val said...

I'd say that maybe you have been dipping into my thyroid medicine. But none is missing.

Sometimes a title will jump out at me when I get to the end of the post. But I generally put one up before I start writing.

Now people will google Beef Jerky Chocolate and find my blog. Thanks so much. Any traffic is good traffic.

My word verification is apparently programmed by Backroads denizens with names like Cooter and Nub.

Of course you would be rooting for me! Everybody likes to back a winner.

My competition name would be Snipe. The logo, a little birdie. Sure, I'd pretend it was the cute marsh bird, so elusive on midwestern nocturnal hunts. But in actuality, it would be a code for my wry wit that can rip my opponent to shreds on a page.

My T-shirt would be a sleeveless tank variety, like that worn by Cletus of Simpsons fame. The type mistakenly termed a "white beater" by a former student. Which caused an outcry from his cronies. "Dude! That's so wrong! You don't go out and beat a white! What's that supposed to mean? You beat your WIFE! Get it?"

Yes. I hate to have a post hanging with no title. It makes me antsy.