Unbagging the Cats 1

Unbagging the Cats 1

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Road to Publication is Paved with Good Intentions

Every day since school was out, I arise at the stroke of six and commence to readying my boys for summer school. Genius has been driving to the elementary to put in tutoring hours for the A Plus program. It's a scholarship for public colleges and universities. He's not sure he will be able to utilize such a scholarship, due to the colleges he is hoping to attend. However, his counselor says that many states have comparable programs which may mesh with the A Plus requirements. Since The Pony is getting his high school PE credit out of the way this summer, he hitches a ride to town with Genius.

That means my days are free. If, by free, we include daily household chores which get short shrift during the school year. But by noon or one o'clock, I am generally without duties until it's time to prepare supper. I could get stuff ready in the mornings, but it's more fun to watch reruns of Bernie Mac and Everybody Hates Chris. Because we all need a little more humor in our daily lives. That's my policy.

I really need to reel in the slack in my daily routine. The only thing I can do while watching TV is fold the laundry. Otherwise, I'm just killing time. And then I have to check up on the latest internet news, and read blogs, and type up two blog posts out of thin air, and then, well...I've lost all my drive to whip some submissions into shape.

Because it's much easier, you know, to take a recliner nap instead of watch TV. And easier to watch TV than read. And easier to read than type a blog post or two. And easier to pull a blog post out of my rear than sit on it without distractions and write a submission.

Recognizing the problem is the first step.


Leenie said...

Priorities. Blogging and naps trump actual production of publishable material. And rationalization. That's how we roll.

Sioux said...

I am the secretary of our local PA (Procrastinators Anonymous). You are welcome to come to our next meeting.

Or perhaps the one next week?

Linda O'Connell said...

I am waiting...submission details on my blog, or you can run a story past me first. Butt in chair, start typing. Forget those sit coms, you can write your own.

Tammy said...

You are the second blog to make me feel guilty for my laziness. Guess I needed that.

Val said...

I concur.

I'll put it on my agenda. Do the procrastinators also get to make their likeness-on-a-stick? Because I think that's a selling point in the recruitment process.

Thank you for the patience and the generosity. I see the details every day. But now that I have joined the new Procrastinator's Anonymous, I have another iron in the fire.

I've got the butt in chair part down, and the typing. It's what comes out of the keys that's the problem.

Val said...

It's a sad day when VAL's blog makes somebody feel lazy! You'd better lay down for a while until that feeling goes away.