Unbagging the Cats 1

Unbagging the Cats 1

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Glimpse into Val's Life

Hick is away on business. A phone call with him is kind of like a Who's on First routine.




How is everybody.

Okay. The Pony is in the tub. Genius is still working on the carnival float.

I'm in my room now.

Why did I just hear a woman in the background?

There's no woman here.

I just heard one. I thought it was an echo of my voice, but now I don't hear it.

I guarantee you, there's no woman in my room.

You're holding your hand over her mouth right now, aren't you?

No. There's no one here.

So, you aren't working with the Secret Service?

No. No Secret Service.

That's good to know.

The state guys invited me to go eat with them. But I said no.

That's probably just as well. You don't know what hanky-panky they could be up to.

I bought myself a bag of Chex Mix and a soda for a snack later. Because I already ate chicken for supper.

I bought you snacks to take on your trip. Sugar free.

I saw it on the table. Licorice.

Twizzlers. You could have taken it with you to see The Three Stooges on Sunday, if you carried a purse.

Well, I don't carry a purse. And neither does The Pony.

Yeah. He's not like Genius.Will the alarm go off for me in the morning?

If you turn it on. I have to get up early and meet Donna.

Donna? I thought you said there were no women there.

She's giving me my badge.

I'll bet she is.

Whew! I'm tired. I've been rubbing my eyes.

Did you pack your breather?

No. It's too much trouble.

Yeah. Staying alive is very tiring.

I'll be fine. My eyes are burning. I just got back from helping the HazMat guys set up the booth.

So let me get this straight. You helped set up a hazardous materials booth, then you rubbed your eyes, and now they're burning?

Pretty much.

Nobody can help you.

I'm tired. I'm getting ready for bed.

Remember to breathe.

Yeah. I'll prop myself up on the pillows.


Funny how Hick puts the pillows over his face at home, but is planning to remain on top of them while he's away.

Thus ends another loving call home from Hick the Peeper. I hope nobody opens his bathroom door when he's getting ready to meet Donna in the morning. That would be sweet, sweet poetic justice.


Sioux said...

Yes...aren't they fascinating when you get to observe them in captivity?

Stephen Hayes said...

Staying alive is very tiring? Great sarcasm. It was sarcasm, right?

Linda O'Connell said...

Nice wake up call...for me, not hick. I am lol.

Val said...

And sometimes frightening.

Yes. Maybe my sarcasmomometer is on the fritz. I'll make an appointment to get that checked right away.

I am sure Hick had a nice wake up call of his own. From this "Donna" of whom he speaks.