Unbagging the Cats 1

Unbagging the Cats 1

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Living to Tell the Tale

And now...the rest of the story.

Last night, I was a bit concerned after I let a stranger come right up my alley. Showed him the way in fact. I couldn't have led him there any better if I was Hansel and Gretel's bread crumb trail. From his appearance, I supposed he might be a real estate agent. Or somebody here from the city to look at real estate. He wasn't exactly Ted Bundy with a cast on his arm, asking me to help him load something into his VW bug. He wasn't even driving a VW bug. He had a shiny black SUV with dealer plates. Cue the screeching phonograph needle.

Dealer plates? Maybe he stole that car in order to leave fewer traces after killing me!

I puttered around in the kitchen, wondering what City Slicker could be doing over at the neighbor's house. I scolded Genius for eating cheese and crackers right before his supper of fish and corn-on-the-cob was ready. I lamented that I had been watching that pot of water for nigh on ten minutes, waiting for it to boil, yet it refused. Almost as if it sensed me watching it. Like I sensed that City Slicker dude watching me from across the road. I almost jumped out of my skin when the back door opened. It was Hick, back from his doctor's appointment.

"You scared the snot out of me!"

"Huh. What did you tell the repo man?"

"You mean that guy in a black car?"

"Yeah. He stopped me as I turned into the driveway. He's looking for a little compact car like that lady has up by the boys' land. I think she gave him the wrong address."

"I doubt anybody's going to give the repo man the right address."

"No, when she bought it. I think she gave the wrong address."

"Did you tell him where to find her?"

"I tried to. That's not on Battle Axe Drive. Or maybe she thought that was the road name over there."

"Sure she did. I don't feel bad. People need to pay their bills."

"Yeah. I didn't mind telling him."

Let's hope it's not a domestic violence situation. One where he was trying to track her down. Ted Bundy can't be the only criminal mastermind.

Life used to be so simple here in Backroads.


Stephen Hayes said...

Interesting how paths cross, resulting in unimaginable consequences.

Josh Hoyt said...

Repo man huh a fishy tale at best and speaking of fish why would anyone eat cheese and crackers before dinner? I'm glad your still alive :)

Leenie said...

I know you are a mother with children. I was saying HE was brave--"not bein' from around here" to talk to any of the locals. Coming from his point of view he was too skeerd to ask directions from one of those guys in a 4-wheel drive truck with a gun rack and a slobbering dog.

Still I'm glad all went well. A repo man can be an ornery cuss with a loaded weapon under the front seat.

Tammy said...

That does sound pretty sinister!

Sioux said...

I can hear the musical refrain now: "Don't fear the Repo!" (more cowbells)

Linda O'Connell said...

That repo dude hooked up a friend's car, but he had the wrong vehicle. He needs to get a GPS.
Writer's minds...aren"t they wonderful?

Val said...

If not for crossed paths, my blog would be sorely lacking for stories.

Thanks for wishing me alive. That darn Genius ate the cheese and crackers because he said he was starving. Then I called him in for supper, and he said, "Oh, I'm not very hungry. I just had cheese and crackers."

See, I thought you were saying how brave he was for talking to me, yet I AM a mom with kids. But I suppose he didn't really know that when he flagged me down.

I am reminded of that Repo Men TV show a while back, when the owner of a silver SUV took off after the repo men, shooting freely.

These repo dudes are as tricky as paper-servers from the courts.

I had second thoughts the minute I drove away and saw him follow me.

Dang it! I wish I had thought of that for my title!

I scare myself too easily.