Unbagging the Cats 1

Unbagging the Cats 1

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Val Could Be an Honorary Flintstone

Did I, perhaps, tell you about the swag I raked in on the last day of school before the Christmas holidays? If not, I must be addled about what I post here, and what I post on my supersecret blog. So let me just set the scene by explaining that a student gave me a little notepad with a cardboard cover, and a fold-up pen that clips onto the side. She no doubt thought I was overdoing it when I thanked her profusely. But seriously. That was the perfect gift for Mrs. Val Thevictorian.

I love all things paper and pen. They're so cute. And so practical. I used to go overboard buying school supplies for my stepsons. Hick, careful of his wording lest I take offense and leave the job to him in future Augusts, said tactfully, "This is all very nice. But I think a few notebooks and pencils would have been enough." Au contraire. Even middle-school-age boys need some accoutrements. The boys sure didn't complain. Who wouldn't want a car-shaped pencil sharpener or a watermelon-smelling eraser or a mini-stapler?

And such karma has come full circle. Now I have this sweet, blue-and-green-striped notepad in which to jot my rapid-fire thoughts. Everybody gets those instantaneous, scathingly brilliant ideas for writing, don't they? It's not just me? Because they generally occur within the hour or two after I take my thyroid meds. I'm sure that's just a happy coincidence. That I start firing on all cylinders when all my cylinders start firing.

The problem is that my brilliance fades away. much like vivid dreams vaporize by midday. Sometimes, if I'm driving, I tell The Pony, "Remember this for when we get home. I'm going to ask you what idea I had, and you repeat it to me." He's a very astute personal assistant. With a steel-trap mind. If it was the early '90s, he could be my living, breathing, Deluxe Talk Boy. As seen in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. With my new notepad, I can ask him when I drop him off at his building, and make a note. That frees up The Pony's brain for educational purposes.

Now, instead of just having the title or main idea, I also have the various riffs that shoot off from the basic subject. I don't have to reinvent the wheel, but merely spiff it up with a raggedy old t-shirt and some Armor All. No high-tech electronic gewgaws for me. No fumbling to figure out how my phone can save my voice. No spy gadget that will record sound at the push of a button. Or less. A little note pad with attached pen is all I need.

Funny how you never think to buy something like that for yourself.


BECKY said...

I SO totally understand!! I LOVE all things paper and pen, too! AND especially those tiny note-pads, with or without semi-attached pens...but definitely WITH is better! But I am a little different than you on one thing....I DO buy them for myself, too! And give as gifts!

Stephen Hayes said...

I have an iPad beside my bed along with a pencil and notebook, and in the middle of the night when ideas wake me I automatically reach for my notebook and pencil.

Sioux said...

I myself am obsessed with pens. They can't have too fat of a barrel, they should write smoothly, and if I can "lift" them from an insurance rep or a bank or a doctor's office, so much the better.

Sharpies, too. Do not leave a Sharpie unattended around me. It will disappear...

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

I'm with you...I love stuff like that! I have about five pens in my purse, 4 x 5 index cards and a little notebook, all for jotting ideas etc. You just never know when brilliance will strike!

Val said...

Yes! I am validated! Just look at the excitement I have generated!

Wow! You have one foot in both worlds. An iPad, you say? I wouldn't know an iPad if it bit me on my ample butt. They can't do that, can they? I know they are the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I haven't heard that they can be trained in butt-biting. My son, Genius, would know. He's an electronic-device whisperer. People from miles around contact him to fix their gadgets. I hope that little whippersnapper is not programming butt-biting into iPads. I need to monitor him more closely.

In my instance, pens CAN be too obese. I have one that was a give-away from our insurance provider. It is as fat as a baby's leg. I lay it out on conference night for parents to sign in. Sadly, nobody has been enticed to steal it. Sharpies, however, are not safe around me.

I'm so glad you are prepared. I tried the index cards once. They became tattered and creased before I got any good ideas. And I had a tiny 59-cent spiral flip notebook, but my son took it. He won't take my new notepad. It is not masculine enough. It violates the Unwritten Rules of Sixteen-Year-Old Males.

Linda O'Connell said...

I received on that looks like a mini clutch purse. It is the cutest thing ever with a diamond (okay rhinestone) clasp.

Val said...

That style suits you. I'm not much for champagne wishes and caviar dreams. I'm a Dollar Store realist.