Unbagging the Cats 1

Unbagging the Cats 1

Friday, January 13, 2012

Miz Vanilla Bean 2012

My sister gave me some Bath and Body Works soaps and lotion for Christmas. We distributed the bottles, unscrewed the tops, and sniffed the round openings like a new dog making friends at Kennelwood Village.

I just Googled Kennelwood Village. Because I remember those commercials about sending your dog to summer daycamp there, complete with activities and obstacle courses and private lounges, each furnished with a mini couch and TV. Well, well, well. Looks like Kennelwood Village is now a hoity toity Kennelwood Pet Resort. You almost expect cruise director Julie McCoy to show up and promote activities on the foredeck. But I'm not here to disparage or promote Kennelwood. If folks have the disposable income and are so inclined, more power to them. And to Kennelwood, for so successfully marketing love and guilt.

There was a green bottle of lotion that I didn't pay much mind to, but everybody oohed and ahhed over. We brought the whole kit and kaboodle home and stashed it away under the sink to await a lapse in soap coverage.

This week, my hands were feeling a bit dry, so I sent The Pony on a reconnaissance mission to the undersink area to procure some lotion. He came back with the green bottle. Green is my favorite color. I'm simple like that. So it was without trepidation that I slathered the silky, opaque, pastel lotion onto my hands and forearms just before dashing out the door for work.

I'm surprised that our little dog Juno didn't eat me on the way to the garage. That lotion made me smell better than a sugar cookie fresh and hot from the oven. Vanilla Bean. That's the fragrance. I'm no fan of vanilla. But that stuff is some kickin' gourmet lotion. It's all I can do to sit at my desk without licking my hands like a cat cleaning between her toes. Or like that Simpsons comic book guy must lick his hands after eating a particularly tasty Cinnabon. I fear that both faculty and students will think I have contracted a sudden-onset case of OCD which involves sniffing my hands at five-minute intervals.

Mmm...I'm doing it right now.


BECKY said...

Testing, Testing...123, are you there, Mz. Val?

Bailey Hammond said...

Vanilla Bean is alright. I'm a Peppermint gal myself, and I actually do use lotion simply so I can sniff my hands periodically. I really love peppermint.

Stephen Hayes said...

I'd vote for the peppermint scent over vanilla every time.

Linda O'Connell said...

Your mitts are better off than mine. My hands are stained with black tempra paint that kind of sort of spilled at school.

Val said...

Don't test me! I'm here. Holding down the Backroads fort, smelling of Vanilla Bean, washing dishes by hand, happier than a pig in poop that I don't have to drag my 8 loads of laundry down to the creek and pound them with a rock.

Well then. You can be Miz Peppermint 2012.

It seems that I have suddenly been relegated to Miz Congeniality.

That's what you get for having school. We've been off for two days, what with the back roads of Backroads being too treacherous for man and beast. And high school students.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I like to put good smelling lotion on my hands at bedtime. I can sniff to my hearts content and sometimes it will help me sleep. Had to stop after the arrival of Toni Louise, our dog with the eye fetish. Seems she also has a hand licking off of lotion fetish. She is a strange and wonderful being.

Val said...

Okay, that eye thing is creepy. Every time I think about it, I shudder. I would coat my hands in lotion, just to keep her away from my eyes. And maybe even wear swim goggles to bed.