Unbagging the Cats 1

Unbagging the Cats 1

Monday, December 26, 2011

Not as Serious as a Soccer Riot

We are a family of game-playing fools.

It's a good thing that we only gather for competition on holidays. A melee was brewing yesterday, midway through a game of adult Hedbanz. I think that's how to spell the game. You know kids and their creative spelling these days. The object of the game is to guess what you are. Everybody has a plastic headband with a slot on the forehead section in which a card is placed. A mini hourglass, perhaps a minute-glass, is turned over, and you can ask questions of the group until time runs out. Then the person to your left gets a turn to guess his card. The first person correctly identify five of his cards wins. Well. Let me tell you, our family needs adaptations. We lowered the bar to three right. And still, nobody won.

It didn't help that NUDE BEACH bossed everybody around. LIBRARY was downright shaking in her shoes, afraid to make a mistake. Then GLASSES cheated by looking in the mirror and asking questions like, "Do they help people? Do we use them everyday? Can you carry them in a pocket? No! I did not cheat! Just because I looked in the mirror and said 'This is like looking at the optometrist's chart' does not mean that I could read my card in the reflection!" Like we wouldn't notice that his questions were way more specific than the standard, "Am I a place? A person? A thing? Am I alive?"

BICYCLE was chided for asking, "Am I a hose?" while looking at the player who was HOSE. "C'mon already!" hollered GLASSES. "You have figured out that you have two wheels and you might be red. Seriously? A hose?" PARKING LOT was confused by people responding that she was visited by adults, but answered with seven exclamations of, "No!" when she inquired whether children like to go there. SHERLOCK HOLMES suddenly asked if he was a detective, right after taking off his glasses, peering at them, then shining them on his shirt. And SARAH PALIN could not understand how she could be a woman on television, yet not be blond or have a regular show.

No prizes were given. Which is a good thing. OZZY OSBOURNE was getting testy, and PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE was getting antsy. So it was a relief, kind of, when CHEESECAKE and NEWSPAPER had to leave, and the game broke up.

We might need to hire security for next year's Christmas Challenge.


Sioux said...

Next holiday I suggest no games for your family. Embrace the American tradition of watching television (the more inane the show, the better). Add some beer or wine to the mix. Perch a bowl of cheetos on a few of the family members' bellies. Make sure the conversation is dull and superficial. No more fun games for you!

Val Thevictorian said...

The kids usually take over the TV for video games. Wine is only brought out on Christmas Eve. The Cheetos, however, would be a hit. So at our next get-together on Easter, we will all sit with bowls of Cheetos on our ample bellies. I bet we could make a game out of that...