Unbagging the Cats 1

Unbagging the Cats 1

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Is Somebody Trying to Tell Me Something?

This evening I stepped out the basement door to dump the dehumidifier bucket. When I turned to go in, I was startled by a six-inch walking stick. He clung to the gray metal door, defying gravity, a big brown fellow with six legs and a twig-like body. The internets tell me he's a male, because of his color. Females have a reddish tint. And young 'uns are green.

It's a bit creepy to see these things when you aren't expecting them. He could have dropped to the ground and scurried inside, with me being none the wiser. For all I know, he's still out there. Genius was puttering around looking for pictures to take for his Project 365. I offered up my new best friend, but he declined. Like he already had a walking stick pic. Pshaw! That boy doesn't know what he's missing. I know what I'M missing...a picture for my blog. So I will have to show you this lighter-colored, horizontal one from Google images:

I also saw a walking stick at school last week. On the door going into the building. A gray door. Same position, head up, middle of door. That one was about five inches, and the same brown color. What's up with the walking sticks? I tried to find out if they are harbingers of anything. Like the woolly worms and winter. Or the persimmon seeds and winter. But apparently walking sticks don't predict weather. That's because they are too busy doing another job:

West Indian folklore professes that God rides from place to place on a walking stick. The walking stick is called a God-Horse. 


Linda O'Connell said...

Listen up, Val, the God stick is bringing you news.

At our family reunion a couple weeks ago, one fell from the tree onto the arm of the guy next to me. He asked, "Should I give it to George?" I asked, "Do you want it to live or die?" My son-in-law G, is an entymologist. The guy flicked it into a bush.

knancy said...

Since it is a bug, then I have to say it must be a surveillance device. Probably the government is watching you closely due to you operating two (TWO) blogs! They just know you can't be a productive state worker with all that going on!

Val Thevictorian said...

Thanks so much for the cryptic warning. Now I'm in suspense over whether I'm going to live or die. I will NOT bag up my growing herd of God-Horses and mail them to your son-in-law.

That's it! The God-Horse Conspiracy. Now they can stop all that clicking on my phone line.