Unbagging the Cats 1

Unbagging the Cats 1

Thursday, September 15, 2011

All Signs Point to MOMO

If a tree falls in the back yard, and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

I don't know. Because I wasn't there to hear it. I didn't even know that it fell until this morning, when The Pony and I backed the Tahoe out of the garage. We always glance into the back yard, just in case there's a cat-and-rabbit game going on. Our cats kill more rabbits than Tank the Beagle. We know we won't observe a chickenfest, because we leave before the chickens unroost. Only the guineas are on the prowl at 6:50 a.m. And they're up to no good. I loathe a guinea with the white-hot heat of 10,000 Seinfelds loathing Newman.

Our blighty oak must have taken a hit during yesterday's storms. Funny that it was intact when we arrived home at 5:10 p.m. The heavy rains and thunder were almost over by then. Dish Network was not even interrupted during the Survivor premiere and Big Brother finale. So I know that a downpour was not the cause. Winds were only 10-15 mph. I would have heard the sharp report of a lightning strike so close to the house. So I'm baffled.

Look at that baby. Snapped off at the base. A gnawing beaver can't reach that high. It's almost as if somebody or something pushed and pushed until Blighty Oak snapped. Perhaps my yard is the last refuge of MOMO. You remember MOMO, don't you? The Missouri Monster? A midwestern summertime Abominable Snowman? An uncool heartland Sasquatch? A western hemisphere Yeti? A hillbilly Bigfoot? Maybe he looks a little like this:

 Or maybe it was just time for a dead tree to snap. 


Sioux said...

My bet's on MOMO. Put your video on SLO-MO, take a movie of him, and you can retire.

knancy said...

Perhaps it was the shenanigans of those Shanty Town villagers fom down by the creek that worship the maniacal Mayor and they have begun to run amok in the midnight madness of Missouri....

Linda O'Connell said...

Did Pony take the tractor out unbeknownst? Did Genius shift into high gear? Is Hick really the driving force? were you out tooling around and did you bump into something? Can;t blame MoMO if, well, I'm just saying.

Val Thevictorian said...

Or I could put an old ape suit in a block of ice in a cooler, and hold a press conference to announce that I found the remains of Bigfoot.

Well, there WAS a full moon on Monday. So there might have been some tomfoolery afoot.

The Pony and heavy machinery do not mix. He almost drove the go kart through the side of the barn, and has been banned from sitting behind any wheel. Genius was driving a stick-shift Toyota Corolla at the age of ten, so he's not the culprit. Hick, on the other hand, is a Master Sweaver. All signs point to him, except he was shocked when I informed him of the felling. And he is not a good actor. I refuse to take responsibility. Just because I backed a Yukon into a concrete pole support at Office Max does not mean that I am a reckless tree-snapper.

labbie1 said...

I haven't thought about MoMo for, well, since I was young. We heard about him on the news when I was pre-teen. One night my friends and I were camping out (the neighbor's father was a Sealtest Milkman and had an older truck that was not refrigerated, but made to put blocks of ice around the milk that was his backup truck).

We were camping out in the truck when we heard a snuffling and growling. One of the girls started to shake and cry, curling up into a ball and then...something it the side of the truck, rocking it back and forth and making yowling noises.

The girl who was already frightened actually vomited and screamed. I mean, she was freaked! At this point a couple of us decided it was time to stop the monster--who it turned out was the brothers of two of the girls just having a little fun with momo the monster.

Wow! I vote for Momo being the culprit. I am quite sure it had nothing to do with the dead tree harboring wood loving insects snacking lovingly on it in huge colonies. No sir. It has to be Momo...LOL

Great firewood for the coming winter...

Val Thevictorian said...

It was so thoughtful of MOMO to topple that tree. Genius is switching his lawn-mowing business into a wood-cutting business for the winter. Don't cost nothin'. Well, except the gas for the chainsaw and the truck.