Unbagging the Cats 1

Unbagging the Cats 1

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's On My Mind Wednesday, 2-16-11

Have you heard of the animal cruelty case of Seth Foster, of Spring Arbor, Michigan? He's in hot water for letting his dog kill the raccoon that wrecked his garage. It's not like Seth trapped that feisty, procyonine perp, then taunted his dog by dangling it to and fro by the ringed tail. No. He sent his dog into the garage. The dog returned with the raccoon, and did what dogs do to raccoons: killed it.

But woe was Seth Foster, because two teenage neighbors recorded the timely dispatch of Mr. Coon with their cell phones. And now Seth Foster faces ninety days in jail, and a $500 fine if convicted.

Here's my problem with this ridiculous waste of county resources...what was Seth supposed to do with that raccoon? Take it out of the dog's mouth? Allegedly, he did just that. But the dog got it back. Assuming the dog was agreeable to letting go of his prey, the question remains as to how agreeable a punctured, sodden Mr. Coon might have been with this scenario.

Sometimes, man should not intervene with nature. Take it from Val, who once tried to rescue a chipmunk from a cat.


knancy said...

Good grief, is there not somewhere I can get far enough away from stupidity? The primary reason for dogs in a country/rural setting is protection. Be it barking fo warning of intruders to attacking for protection. Perhaps Seth should have invited the ignorant teens over into the garage and seen what they could/would have done. I am so tired of this younger generation that cannot spell, show respect or use common sense. But more so am I disapointed in their parents to have such poor excuses for leadership and knowledge in raising these children. I am in my handbasket - somebody just give it a nudge down the highway to hell.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Some of these laws are stupid beyond belief. We had a cabin In WI and found a baby squirrel whose mother had no doubt met an unfortunate death. My 8 year old grandson wanted to try to raise the little thing. We took it across state lines!!!!!! back to our home in MN. The little sqirrel didn't live, I didn't think it would, since it didn't even have fur and the eyes weren't open yet. I called the University to see what to feed it in a bottle and was told I could be arrested. I would think that they culd put their energy toward real crimes, but what do I know....

Val Thevictorian said...

I am not sure that hell is far enough away from stupidity. As far as I know, hell is a regular hotbed of stupidity.

Perhaps the teens should have been allowed to pry that chomped-on coon out of Doggie's mouth, sing it a rousing chorus of kumbaya, treat it to a day at the spa, turn it loose in their own garage, capture it in a trap of gossamer interwoven with unicorn eyelashes, obtain a special permit, and set it free at Disney World. With special instructions to stay away from the Nacho Cheese.

Squirrelnapper! You know how rare that species is. What's your next caper, kidnapping cottontails? Must we start counting crows? And where were YOU when the last Passenger Pigeon drew breath?